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  Once in a while we find one of a kind original art works that have a timeless marvel of design and beauty. We've always been looking for curve breakers in their fields and now the time is right to introduce the genuinely creative eye behind these visions of Norm Friar. His designs and solutions are creating epitomes that are changing centuries of the usual wood stereotypes.

  Friar’s impact to the arts is a jaw-dropping version of an art form as old as civilization itself. In almost every example we've seen there's been creative ability without precedent. Not just a few times, but he's consistently creating wide ranging works that make lasting impressions. Every example we've seen gathers room dominating attention. It's our guess why he's only at a regional level when these works are national class or higher. While he's clearly putting everything in his efforts Friar is demonstrating few limits in the size, scope, type, materials, complexity and success of his projects. With a resume like this it's inevitable that he'll show almost everywhere he applies.

  What we’ve found with the Ozark artist Friar is nothing short of a success. We’re seeing an innovator with seriously creative, busy, and thriving endeavors, and I believe that Friar's place in history is as the creator of this unique and invigorating style that we'll see years from now in museums worldwide. 

          Karl Simms - The Upstate Curator - 2015

Bachelors degree from Arkansas Tech University in 2006 with honors.
Former engineer
Last office position was as a programmer analyst for FedEx in Harrison.
Woodworking artisan for 19 years

January 2019