Is a solutions provider of ION (Information ON. Also known as IONAAA or pre-2016 as Light Shade), a digital history think tank composed of data analysts and digital security experts combining proprietary data engines with dark-web reach to expose or create information on anything about anyone (IONAAA). ION's proprietary solutions are designed to morph upon each use or self-destruct so that discovery or copying with even the most advanced tools currently available (2022) is impossible. Regardless if it's been emailed, posted, sent to a printer, saved locally or to the cloud, stored externally, air-gapped, visited electronically or geographically, driven by, spent time near, encrypted, powered off, or deleted, if it's ever been so much as just typed on a keyboard or held temporarily on a phone or other device powered up or not, then ION can remotely trace, activate, and extract the digital signatures and wakes that those operations leave on devices, service providers, everyday "safe" or "common" applications, and operating systems without a trace. The methods can also be designed so that a client's interests can be tracked, discover who's tracking them, or have their information or identity history partially or completely disappear or be rewritten to appear real, date matched, connected, backed up with other clients and relevant events at time-stamped locations and switched hard backed documents, and relevant to how they wish to appear in digital history. Hiding or tracing multinational server connections is a specialty, and although it has been historically successful, our patent makes this masking obsolete and no longer possible. As of June 2022 our frequency sweep and straddle technology (precursor to the StingRay) has been operational through a DARPA research grant (also patent pending).

Note: There is no hard or soft documentation existing that #12 has ever been in any branch of the United States armed forces.

  Need to discover or hide the who, what, where, why, and when of any event or write your own? We bring the past, present, and future to the light or move it to the shade. 


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