Osage Orange has a Janka hardness rating of 2760. It's incredible strength and durability makes it ideal for the kitchen in straight sections like very slightly curved forks, and thin spoons.  Due to it's difficulty to work with the time required to make a ladle from Osage is about 35+ hours and lots of sandpaper (and ibuprofen). 

Produced freehand. Not available as a special order. 

You only need one of them, and we all want them to hold as much as possible, but it's extremely difficult to get this at this depth. If you have one of these ladles, then know that it's been hand made with blood, sweat, and tears as a special gift to you because it's analogous as a heart of gold. This species was selected because it is so durable that it can be buried for decades without experiencing decay. Symbolically a ladle is a single piece of wood with a deep holding capacity, a long handle to protect oneself from burning, and a peculiar character that's as unique as each of us are. Although Osage is incredibly resilient it is also very difficult to work with or keep in its intentionally designed form. It's also impossible to find a piece as large as desired that is without defects. What is sought as a size & flawless combination is never found. No matter how many log sections that have been perfectly seasoned and seemingly flawless for such a design it's inevitable to discover something inside that causes questions about continuing with the production. In a rare case where it would first seem as though an immaculate work has been produced the release of stress from the surrounding wood of this species causes movement to slowly fade into the form with cracks, warps, and such.There's always a perfect looking side to a completed piece, but the imperfections don't compromise the working function. The only way to get one in this species without defects is for it to be just a few inches tall (not very useful). Although the finish is a rich golden hue it will eventually darken as a lack of maintenance. To keep it glowing it needs to be gently massaged with 220 and 360 grit sandpaper and then rubbed with mineral oil. The dedication it takes to make something like this knowing full well what will become apparent to it is the view of an artist. The dedication to maintain it is that of who beholds. The choice for this species is intentional for use as a metaphor. They're not perfect ladles, they're perfect representations of our hearts. 
Osage orange pastry knife with live edge.
Not for sale.

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