You are most likely to have a great smile and maintain your health. You're gorgeous simply because you look happy. Yes we're over 50, but for your class you are rocking it! You've got tone, brightness and clarity (call it grace while graying). You're aware that trying to be healthy shows a lot about your character and your mind is a good indication of your outward appearance. You're not a gym rat, hiking queen, or a model, but you're just healthy and it shows. You're past those bad mistakes and lost loves, comfortable with who you are, secure in your thoughts, relaxed, stable with your life, and emotionally available for a positive and lasting relationship.

  You're looking for a man who's pictures are recent and not obscure, whose age is true as indicated who has normal activity, income, a vehicle, and lives a respectable life. A guy who doesn't play video games, eats a reasonable diet, has a positive outlook, and a lack of sitting on the couch. A guy that you don't have to ignore his arrests because there are none, one who you don't have to pretend it's cute if he surprises you with kink or on the edge lifestyles because he's NOT into any of that and never has been. You want a guy that's not going to inflict a contagion upon you. A guy who's never harassed another, never had any misconduct, has never sexted, and who you won't find on MeToo. That guy whose needs don't include medication or supplements for enhancement, performance, or cognition. A guy without his face in his phone or online when it's your time. You're not looking for old-fashioned, but just a classic average guy - me. You want a man whose only addiction is you... and maybe you'll allow him some coffee once in awhile (with you of course). Oh and Mr. fix anything-no, fix everything, but that's a separate list that you have for him and it's probably longer than this one. You're well grounded so you know that it's not possible to find somebody that’s exactly like you so if he has traits that you don’t, or you're slightly to the left or right when he's center then you're fine with that. Oops - my apologies. It's he who would be slightly left or right and you that would be center.

I hope that your pictures are more recent than some others I've met in person, your age is true as indicated, the body type you've listed is accurate, that you've written sincerely rather than what you feel others want to read, that you can avoid negative behavior and habits, and that you set aside any previous bad experiences inhibiting you from being emotionally available. I'm looking for someone who's uncomplicated with recent pictures and some intelligible words that reflect who they are. I understand you used to be a knockout. What I want you to understand is that you probably still are. Maybe it's been a season or longer since you've been active so if the potential is there within you, then it's your choice to continue or get up and start really living again. I'm careless if you have the dream or lived the dream. I'm hoping you're able to LIVE the dream. Happiness, being content, living within reasonable means, good health, and activity are all reasons for being able. It's really that simple.

Spiritually I believe we should be viewed by how we treat others and live our lives other than our appearance on Sunday. We are all a product of our culture and environment from birth. I'm not insistent that we agree on spirituality, but full comprehension of the previous sentence is paramount to compatibility with anybody. Want to fight about it? I'll swallow my pride and keep silent while I sit on my tailbone. I'm not a fighter. How about if we all stop fighting about how the Earth was created and instead let's fight those that are trying to destroy it? 

Politics? As with religion we shouldn't be defined by our differences. I understand we all want to change the world. I vote, respect each other's differences, remain rational under stress, agree to disagree, and vote again. Drama free.

Social media? My Facebook page is non-political, largely business oriented, drama free, without shared posts, and rarely opened or followed so if I don't "Like" a post, then it's likely that I haven't logged in and when I do I'm not likely to scroll through the hundreds of posts to pick what peaks my interest. Facebook is best just for use as a personal character resume instead of a platform to stir emotions or sway opinions.

Personal contact? My preference is to spend the effort in exactly that way - personally. With all the ways that written words could be misunderstood with emphasis on tone and/or brevity I would rather opt-out of texting and social media contact so that we could have a perfect understanding of each other. There's a time and place for writing and it's a clear observation of society that discussions in that manner eventually torpedo intent and meaning.

Work-life balance? I'm an artist. There's perfect balance, there's time for everything, and the budget is always being observed. Points awarded for mutually respecting and sharing our budget for time and finances together. I'll not pay attention or the time of day for those with rich purses. However, if you've a golden heart, then I'm all-in.

Although we're not in complete alignment our relationship is a compromise of attributes and abilities between us that evolves with kind respect. If you are looking for someone that's physically, emotionally, socially, and intellectually stable while being so yourself, and you're wanting a long term relationship, then write to me.

I'm an artist who's passionate about making creative one-of-a-kind originals so I'm content with simplicity. My life is uncomplicated, relaxed, healthy, happy, and just plain simple. Not so much as to be common or boring. More like charged and chilled together. Although I'm very capable I'm also very content. I'm unswayed by luxury, but I do like exotic destinations on a shared budget (my passport is current).

In retrospect I've followed the rules all my life. Although you may not have I'm hoping that you can appreciate a man that has and will continue to.
If you're only a short term curiosity seeker, then please pass me by. I might be flexible in everything I'm looking for except longevity. If you're not capable of or not wanting a long lasting relationship, then we should't be. I understand there's a long learning curve for discovering each other and serious decisions and plans don't always unfold the way we want. It only needs to be a desire for long term before we spend lots of time together.

Of course there's a lot that we're both curious about:
How closely do our lifestyles, schedules, and attributes match? 
Are we able to understand each others differences and pasts?
How will our lives change together as we mature?
Are we settled in any region or plan to return someplace else?
Could either of our locations change?
Is there time and opportunity for us to develop a relationship that lasts?
Are we being forthright and showing our cards up front?
Can we both accept each other's all?

Are we willing to compromise, agree, and adapt to the points above?