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Cedar chest
Walnut chest
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Pine Chest
Hope chest
Blanket Chest
Art work
Museum piece
By Norm Friar
All designs are copyright Norm Friar 2009 - 2020

The Woodworkers Hands Norm Friar
All designs are copyright Norm Friar 2009 - 2020

All designs are copyright Norm Friar 2009 - 2020
Broad spline upgrade $600 per chest
Most of the Friars Chests have these properties:

- No veneer. All solid pieces in at or above 3/4" standard thickness. Veneer looks more intricate, but time has a telling presence on it.
- No bottom mat or veneer to hide imperfections
- No bumps or open joints on adjoining pieces. These can hold water without spilling a drop.
- No nails, brads, staples, screws, fasteners, or plastics.
- Totalboat epoxy finishes with UV blockers. The most technologically advanced for severe environment and timeless finish available.
- Twelve years of flawless experience - All numbered and cataloged while not one of them is identical. 
- Although it looks like inset these are solid wood pieces visible from inside and out. Insets are veneer, which Friar doesn't do.
- Mitered sides instead of weak abutted sides and trim that hide misalignment, mistakes, or small gaps.
- Dovetail spline keys, which are the only style of dovetail joint that holds without glue (and Friar can double these)
- Glued with waterproof Titebond II for superior strength against UV, ozone, humidity, wear, and time.
- Uses eastern aromatic cedar that is solid. Western cedar smells like pepper, but eastern cedar smells like smooth aromatherapy.
- Lifted and finished bottom to reduce humidity inside
- Rounded edges to reduce injury from kicks or bumps
- Tongue and groove bottom, which is stronger and better looking on the inside
- Lid aligning pins to reduce wear from rough handling (on larger chests)
- Hinges in triplicate.
- Finished back side and underneath. 
- Grown and hand made one at a time in the northern Arkansas Ozarks, USA

In 10 years these will remain the focus of the room they are shown in. Where will they be in 300 years? Friars chests are prepared.
There is no other comparably valued wood art designed as creatively, strong, and beautifully as these.