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Jewel like facets that combine the human form with that of a cross make these the most innovative design ever seen.
Pine casket
Cedar casket
Pine box
By Norm Friar

Serving Harrison Arkansas, Marshall Arkansas, Bergman Arkansas, Bellefonte Arkansas, Eureka Springs Arkansas, Little Rock Arkansas, all of Missouri and Oklahoma. We offer  green burial and motorcycle funerals.

Please note:  We're busy. We're making one of a kind original art at the rate of 10 pieces a year and the schedule is packed. With every sale is a disclaimer that if we decide to accept an emergency casket order, then it can interrupt shipments of other products. What we consider for acceptance is the design, availability of materials, delivery location and method, finish, interior, space available in the shop, and how many project timelines will be effected. Ideally we prefer a minimum of 5 weeks to produce a work of art. However, we understand that there's little to no warning of our makers schedule for us. With so little time to produce an immediate casket the expectations for a masterpiece of art must be limited to the basics of maximizing performance function with little opportunity for art and/or detail. Please work with us when ordering for an unplanned emergency.

All designs are copyright Norm Friar 2009 - 2020
All designs are copyright Norm Friar 2009 - 2020
All designs are copyright Norm Friar 2009 - 2020